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The Boyd Papers - Spring 2022

It’s spring I think! We may be able to leave home, soon, without a mask, although I don’t feel terribly comfortable leaving it at home. I think I will continue to wear it in the grocery store and perhaps big stores like Canadian Tire etc. We used to see pictures on television with people in Japan wearing masks and feeling sorry that they have to wear face covering due to pollution etc. in their cities. Well, hello we are there for Pandemic reasons. I have noticed not many people having the usual winter colds and flu and I attribute this to everyone wearing


On to more important things. The library is definitely moving over to the Service Center. They (various services) have been working all winter tearing the upper level and lower level apart. Driving past the Center each day and seeing all of the various work vans parked outside and the huge bins being filled with the interior walls, floors and ceilings that have been removed. Now they are digging outside the building to add an addition to the Center. New exit driveway and a ramp will be going along side the addition. Huge amount of money being spent and I have suggested they give me 10 or 20 thousand and I could bring our building up to 2022 standards, saving the City about 1 million dollars. Typically, they didn’t listen!

The Foundation has been thinking about the vacated space – can we afford it? After two years of Pandemic and not being able to hold our usual fund-raising activities other than our book sales we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Ideas about the space are being bounced around but nothing for sure. Because the Art Room has been closed due to Pandemic concerns we moved book sales throughout the Museum and tried a book sale every Saturday for December, January and February. Restrictions were relaxed in March and we moved book sales back to the Art Room leaving me to resurrect the Museum and get the new displays ready for the summer. Just hope we get more guests than we did last summer. We are planning our usual events starting with a tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. We will hold a luncheon at Knox Church asking guests to bring an item for the Food Bank and then move back to the Boyd Building where we will plant a tree as a tribute to the Queen. It will be a Japanese Lilac. Fingers crossed the Queen makes it. This will kick off what we hope will be a good season. Ruthann has more ideas for fund raising for this summer.

Last fall we held a craft sale through out the museum and art room as part of Mingle-Jingle. Ruthann collected vendors and spaced them around the available areas. The Art Room, and throughout the Museum, people seemed more then happy to come out to something different. It certainly was more fun than grocery shopping. The vendors were very happy with the result and all want to come back this coming fall. With the additional space we will be able to have a few more vendors.

Breaking News!! Speaking of additional space we have had a preliminary meeting with City officials about the building. They are turning over the whole building back to A. Sheila Boyd Foundation. This includes the former Verulam Township offices. These offices were given to the City at the time of amalgamation to offset the cost to the Foundation. HELP! We are back to grass cutting, snow shovelling, repairs to the whole building. The City told us we would be collecting rent from the Chamber/MTO. We think we will also have to have some type of rental in the library section. Fortunately, a group of Arts and Culture people from Lindsay (City employees are looking at space for what they are calling spokes to a hub of cultural organizations throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes). I assume the hub will be in Lindsay and various museums like Fenelon, us, Kirkfield, Lindsay etc. will be spokes. In that case they will be paying rent in our building which will help a bunch and will mean the City will still have a presence. It would be really nice to hold onto the front room (former Boyd children’s school room) but we will have to wait and see. The City will be back up in early May to show us the costs for the library space and that will give us a better idea of what we are up against. I would imagine the final takeover will be in early 2023. The library is in need of some restoration that has been neglected over the years. Flooring will have to be replaced, chimney repairs, lots of bits and pieces. So far, the City has agreed that they will be doing the repairs of some features that have been neglected over the past twenty years or so. The Foundation undertook painting the outside of the building last summer with the final coat going on this year so that job should see us all out!

Maybe we could take Premier Ford’s plan to have a buck a beer, and serve it in the main room of the library. I’m sure we would be rolling in money!

Enough of the unknowns, but I will keep you tuned about this quantum leap. On a more present note we have opened the Art Room after a closure of two years. It is wonderful to open the doors a see the room full of colour once again. The first artist after the closure is Kelly Whyte.

You can imagine the bright colours and large size of these paintings transformed the room again. We do hope we will be able to allow artists into this building as Sheila Boyd did years ago.

Ruthann is hoping to have a junior art show in the early spring, perhaps May of this year featuring the students at the Bobcaygeon Public School. Grade three students take pioneer studies. The art show may have some Grade three students they and could have a tour of the museum. The children that came to our craft show in the fall with their parents were more interested in the ‘stuff’ in the museum than in the wares of the crafters. Their parents promised to bring them back this summer. Hope they remember and come back. Kari Kittle did mini tours throughout the craft two day event. Our youngest volunteer Maddy was on hand as well to welcome the children and tell them about ‘her’ museum. If the Grade three children come down for a tour, Maddy will be on hand to help with the tour. She will also be on hand for one of our Voyageur tours to introduce the museum to these visitors.

Joyce Bryon and Sylvia Green have been travelling around Bobcaygeon businesses and asking them to become business partners with the Museum. We now have some local business help. We do realize it has been difficult times for many businesses as well and we do appreciate their help. We support local businesses and its nice to have their support.

We hope to have business support for our Antiques and Collectibles Show as well. I am sure it will take us about five years to recover. Just hope we all live that long. I hope the City will continue to support us or at least the Museum if all falls apart with the Foundation. They had agreed years ago to keep the museum and collection in the Boyd Building, and run the museum as they do for the Fenelon Falls museum. The City seems to be unloading many older buildings and costs associated with them. The fact that the Boyd Building has been designated a ‘heritage’ site the City has an obligation to preserve it and the property. That in itself helps the cause. The upper echelon in the City also like the building! Or so they say! This fall will be election time for our local government and it will be interesting to see the changes that may happen. When we next meet with City officials we will iron out a few more details.

I do hope you will take a moment to look at our web site. Becki has and is doing a wonderful job of presenting us to the world.

All that is left to do before opening is having the volunteer cleaning crew in to give everything a final polish before doors open.

I will keep you informed about the transition from having a full building to a partial empty! And then like the Phoenix we will rise. It will be a challenge but our Directors are up to the challenge.

Dawn Logan has, after many years, finished her biography of Thomas Need and we will have copies of her book in the museum. It will be interesting to see if she found a likeness of Thomas. Early days we searched everywhere for a picture of him to no avail. I am looking forward to reading her book.

Welcome to our new business supporters:

Ball Real Estate LLF Lawyers

Bobcaygeon Agricultural Society Lavish Locks

Bobcaygeon Lions Purdy Jewellers

Briarwood & Bay R.J. Brown Insurance

British Empire Fuels Stewart Morrison Insurance

I will keep you in the loop as we travel down this new road!

  • Barb McFadzen

P.S. Just heard from Evan, he will be back this summer – one less worry.

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