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Miss Sheila and the Woody

A. Sheila Boyd

Early one summer a young man (16) walked into the ‘Big House’, something one did not do uninvited, and knocked on the door. Sheila came to the door and the young man said ‘I believe you have a 1952 Woody Wagon’ Sheila said ‘yes I do’. He asked to see it and she said ‘perhaps you could come back tomorrow at 10 a.m’.

The next morning at 10 a.m. the chap arrived and was shown to the carriage house which did hold Sheila’s Woody Wagon. He looked it over and marveled at it. Each time the young man came up to his parent’s cottage he would arrive at Sheila’s. He would wash and wax the car and clean the interior. Check fluid levels etc. and have a cup of tea with Miss Sheila.

This went on for a number of years and one visit he found Sheila (Miss Sheila) in the carriage house doing her potting on the tail gate of the car and exclaimed ‘Miss Sheila what are you doing?’ she replied that her potting table was too high and as her hip was bad she could no longer reach it properly’. He said ‘I will fix your potting table but don’t ever uses the tail gate for potting!

One day he said to Sheila .you know, one day I will own this car’ and Sheila replied ‘oh I am not so sure about that’. By this time the young man had become a business man and had quite a collection of Ford autos but still came to see Miss Sheila and her car. Miss Sheila did not like a telephone but did on this occasion phone Don Gibson (her erstwhile Ford friend) and told him she thought the time had come for her to give up her car as her eyesight was failing and her hips were bothering her. Don immediately got his flat bed truck and drove to Bobcaygeon to pick up his beloved Woody Wagon. On arrival Miss Sheila said to Don, ‘if you take the Wagon you must also take my mother’s 1929 Packard’. Don said he did not want the Packard just the Ford. This discussion went back and forth and in the end Don loaded the Ford onto the flatbed and drove away – leaving the Packard.

He would return to Bobcaygeon and take Miss Sheila out for rides in her Ford. Don Gibson was at a car show in Lindsay when my husband saw the car and when over to Don and introduced himself. After a long chat Don said he would forward information to us about the car and the story. Don also brought the Woody Wagon back to Bobcaygeon to the Car Cruise at the Fair Grounds and told me some stories about this remarkable young lad and the very proper Miss Sheila. The mayor, Rick McGee was judging the cars and I said to him there is only one car here today worthy of your attention. I pointed out the Woody Wagon and gave him a short history of the car and its importance. He said he tended to favour the ‘muscle cars’ I said fine but not today. Don Gibson’s Woody Wagon won first prize and afterwards Don said to me ‘that’s all I need is another tacky trophy and a ribbon’. Don has since died and I often wonder who now owns Miss Sheila’s car.

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