The "Big House" or the Boyd Mansion was the Boyd's beautiful home for over 100 years. From stunning interiors to intricate woodworking, there is lots to see here about the history of the house.


​Here you can get a sneak peak at Our Collection of some exhibits we have at The Boyd Museum.

The Boyd Lumber Company took the Boyd family from humble beginnings to national prominence. At its peak the lumber empire stretched far past the village of Bobcaygeon. From Vancouver Island to Montreal and the St. Lawrence River the company employed thousands of men working in the bush. 


​Unfortunately, the mansion burned down in 1994.

The Boyd's became a prominent figure in the agriculture world. They founded some unique animals and won multiple awards.

Boyd Clothing

W.T.C Boyd had three sons; two of which served in World War I. Sadly, they both died in the war. We still commemorate their sacrifice and bravery here at the museum today.

"Victoria Honours Her Fallen"

Canadian Memorial Cross.

British Order of the Garter. (Cap Badge)

World War I

​​​​​​21 Canal St. East Bobcaygeon K0M 1A0

Our Collection

Thorton Bridgman Boyd- (1889-1916)

Commemorative Medals belonging to both boys.

The Boyd men and women wore extravagant clothing for many occasions. Much of their clothing is still on display today! 

​These murals were painted by Wayne Moore

William Cust Boyd- (1897-1918)

The Boyd Mansion

The Boyd Heritage ​Museum