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Neil Blackwell was born in London, England​. He won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art at London University, and thus began his career as an Artist. He came to Canada in 1958 and made Art his fulltime work in 1975. He is a versatile artist, and is comfortable with a wide variety of subjects. He painted in the Renaissance style of the master's, and was an accomplished portraitist. Now his ability to capture wildlife in it's natural habitat made him one of the most sought after artists in North America. 

Wildlife art has won him numerous awards including the following: 



If you have any questions, or are looking to buy some of his art, feel free to contact him or his wife, Linda.

Phone number: (705)731-0715.

Email: info@neilblackwellartist.com

Land of the Eagle

This Month's Artist


The Mona Lisa is one of Da Vinci's most famous pieces of art, painted in the early 1500's. It is said to be a portrait of Lisa Gherandini. Blackwell has captured her expression, poise, and beauty in this copy of Da Vinci's handiwork.

Neil Blackwell

La Belle Ferraneine

These 3 in all took Neil over 2 years to paint. 

They are all copies of some of Leonardo Da Vinci's own art. Two are in the Louvre in Paris, and one is in Poland at the National Museum in Krakow.

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Top Dogs

Lady with an Ermine

Woodland Encounter

Cowboy's and Natives

Lady with an Ermine is another of Leonardo's magnificent works. Painted between 1489-1490. It is of Cecilia Gallerani, who was his Employer's wife. Blackwell's copy is of an incredible likeness, and both the Lady and the Ermine have been painted with amazing detail. 

Lone Wolf

About the Artist

La Belle Ferraneine is another piece of Da Vinci's, or at least his Milanese circle. The model is unknown, although she is believed to be either Lucrexia Crivelli or Beatrice D'Este. It was called "La Belle Ferraneine" because the Jewel she wears on her head is known as a Ferraneine. Blackwell did an incredible job at capturing her age, beauty, jewelry, and expression with merely paints and brushes.

Status Symbol

Mona Lisa 

The Round Up

Algonquin Moose

Horse Power

Blackwell's largest selection, Wildlife. He does a beautiful job of painting both the beauty and detail in all of these landscapes and/or creatures.

Jewels of the Rainforest.